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WHEN WE ARE LEAVING: The bus will be at Leon on Thursday morning at 11:30. The bus will be leaving at 12 noon. Mrs. Kaven and I will be there around 11am to collect medicines! Bring ONE small bag to go under the bus and one smaller bag with your bus items on it. The bus ride is only 2 hours, you shouldn’t need many bus items. THE BUS WILL LEAVE AT 12 NOON. YOU MUST BE ON IT BEFORE 12 NOON. We have a FESTIVAL to get to and a Playwright that needs her adjudication time Thursday afternoon!!!

LUNCH ON THURSDAY: Please have eaten lunch before you get on the bus (or bring it with you to eat on the bus), we will not eat again until dinner that evening. You will need $$ for Thursday night dinner and Friday night dinner. All other meals are provided at the Festival!

MEDICATION AND ACTIVITY FORMS: Make sure I have an activity form for you (or I cannot take you) and that you have your medication stored correctly and forms filled out for each medication you need to take on the trip. If you have medication A PARENT MUST BRING THE MEDICATION to hand it (and the forms) to Mrs. Kaven before you board the bus. Even over the counter medication needs to be handed over with the proper forms filled out (Advil, etc..). Any medication found without a form will be confiscated. Carry forms only relate to Diabetic insulin, Inhalers and Epi-pens. If you want to bring meds early, rather than the day of the field trip, they can bring it to the Clinic before Friday, December 21st at noon.

WHEN WE ARE COMING HOME: The bus will be heading home to Tallahassee AFTER the closing ceremonies (which means it will be leaving around 9pm C.S.T. So you will be arriving home around midnight on Saturday night. Make sure you have a parent ready to pick you up if your car isn’t at Leon. You can update them on the bus ride home as to your arrival time!)

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Earlier Event: December 22
Later Event: January 7
Teacher Planning Day (no students)